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Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor go head-to-head

Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor go head-to-head

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Follow all the action as Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez put their unbeaten records on the line in a historic undisputed 140lbs world championship bout in Las Vegas.

Taylor, a 2012 Olympian, has been fast-tracked through the professional ranks and has amassed an impressive record, defeating the likes of Viktor Postol, Ivan Baranchyk and Regis Prograis to claim the IBF and WBA world titles. The winner of tonight’s bout will become only the fifth male undisputed champion in the four-belt era and Taylor, who has become increasingly fiery during fight week, shoving Ramirez after yesterday’s weigh-in, has promised to deliver a career-best performance. “I’ve had good performances but still don’t believe I’ve boxed to the best of my ability,” he said. “I’ve not reached my full potential yet. When I fought Ivan Baranchyk, I could have made that fight so much easier. I could have changed up the tactics a little bit in the Regis Prograis fight as well and won that a little bit easier too.”

Ramirez will provide another stern test, though, and boasts a stellar amateur pedigree himself, too, having also competed at the 2012 Games in London. He is the more experienced professional of the pair and unified the WBO and WBC titles against Maurice Hooker in 2019 and his aggressive come-forward style all but guarantees a thrilling fight. Follow all the action live below:

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Fury vs Wilder III appears to be on the menu

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:44


Up next? It’s Ramirez vs Taylor

The fight you have been waiting for is up next.

Scottish star Josh Taylor – the ‘Tartan Tornado’ – takes on Jose Ramirez to crown the Undisputed Junior Welterweight Champion of the world.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:43



The American wins by unanimous decision, and to be honest looking back at the highlights, he was always going to take that one over Lundy.

Zepeda improves to 34-2 as a result.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:41


Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:38


Henry Lundy vs Jose Zepeda – Round 10

Here we go, the final round. Honestly, this has been rather pedestrian.

The energy and ambition to create an opening and unsettle their opponent has been too few and far between, with both men failing to land any strikes of note.

The two wrap one another up in the final minute, and that kind of summarises the tempo of this fight for the most part.

It could go either way on points, but I think Zepeda has shown more composure for me.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:37


Henry Lundy vs Jose Zepeda – Round Nine

The two exchange sharp jabs to open round nine, continuing the brutal tempo of the previous round.

Zepeda misses on an attempted jab and that appears to bring Lundy out of his shell as the American wildly swings at his opponent.

Zepeda looks in far more control than his opponent, but this one could really go either way. Will we see a KO?

There is just one round for either one to get it done.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:33


Henry Lundy vs Jose Zepeda – Round Eight

What a cracker of a round that was, with the pair of Americans both finding the energy of earlier rounds late in the eighth.

Both men remain standing, and Zepeda has cleared up the blood that was threatening to derail his fight.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:30


Henry Lundy vs Jose Zepeda – Round Seven

Zepeda lands a pair of well-placed body shots, but Lundy stands strong and holds his ground.

Both fighters have thrown some wild punches this round, and the percentage of landed shots is rapidly decreasing.

Will we see a breakthrough? It won’t come in round seven as the fighters return to their respective corners.

Time for Zepeda to clear up some of that blood.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:26


Henry Lundy vs Jose Zepeda – Round Six

The two fighters begin round six in far more tentative fashion, attempting to draw the other out. The fight has become much more tactical now.

The two stare each other down, attempting to get the upper hand as they look to read one another’s move before it happens.

Zepeda has definitely taken more jabs throughout the fight and it is starting to show – a cut has opened up under his right eye, and the American seems to be aiming there with some wild swings.

A quieter round, sure, but this fight is truly getting interesting now.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:21


Henry Lundy vs Jose Zepeda – Round Five

Once again, Lundy has begun proceedings firmly on the offensive, throwing some wild efforts at Zepeda, who remains calm.

He attempts some jabs of his own, but the American dodges and lands a couple more.

This is a pulsating fight, I must admit. These Super Light fighters are going at each other after a fairly straightforward first two rounds.

Zepeda lands several blows and Lundy attempts to fight back, but his barrage largely misses his opponent.

Andrew Gamble23 May 2021 02:17

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