Ray Parlour accuses AFTV of wanting Arsenal to lose

Ray Parlour has accused AFTV of wanting Arsenal to lose to drive up hits on YouTube while labelling the fan channel “an embarrassment”.

The Gunners legend clashed with AFTV founder Robbie Lyle over Stan Kroenke’s ownership of the club following the failure to join the European Super League after a backlash from fans.

But Parlour accused Lyle of wanting Mikel Arteta’s side to lose and claimed the channel has made the club “a laughing stock” due to the viral rants that often circulate online after defeats or poor performances.

“Certain fans, and I’m probably one of them, say that Arsenal Fan TV, you want them to lose so you get more hits on YouTube,” Parlour said on Talk Sport. “What it is, all the other fans want to see Arsenal fans having a meltdown when you lose a game. I look at Arsenal Fan TV and say sometimes you’re quite an embarrassment to look at.

“As an Arsenal fan, I want Arsenal to win every game, I think sometimes you look at it and say, ‘if they lose, we’ll get more hits this week and earn more money’”.

Lyle hit back at Parlour though, accusing the 48-year-old of being “out of touch”, while claiming this moment is bigger than whether Arsenal win or lose.

“Ray, with all due respect, you’re chatting rubbish,” Lyle responded. “I want my team to win absolutely every game. I know you’re very close to the club and may find it difficult to speak out on this situation but this is beyond performances on the pitch.

“We’re talking about an owner who doesn’t care. I care about my club, I’ve supported this club since the 80s. I don’t think these owners are suitable to run this club.

“You’re asking some ridiculous questions, Ray. You’re trying to protect your job at Arsenal. I’ve come on to talk about a very serious thing, owners of our club and various others, trying to sell out history and fans, even players, of this club.

“It’s nothing to do with hits. It’s to do with Arsenal Football Club, a club I love. You’re so out of touch, Ray, I respect you, I respect you as a player, you were a great player for Arsenal. But this is bigger than hits, wins or losses, this is about our football club, that is being ruined by owners who don’t care. This week, they proved that.”

Parlour then reiterated his point and accused Lyle of being motivated by money rather than results on the pitch when it comes to his fandom.

“Come on Robbie, you like it when they lose as well,” Parlour added. “We’re a little bit of a laughing stock with your channel, people look at it and they crack up when you go mad outside the stadium.

“It’s all about business and making money. You’re making a few quid by having a meltdown. I don’t know if you want the best for Arsenal Football Club.”

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