Opole HK – Player Openings Available

Opole HK is looking for select players to fill openings in the 2021-2022 roster.

Playing in the MHL in Poland, the highest level junior league in the country, and joining the European University Hockey League, to add more competition, Opole HK is looking for players interested in University and Professional hockey opportunities.

Opole HK, played the 2020-2021 season without any interruptions in training on or off the ice due to the pandemic. All regular season games were played and additional “friendly” games against MHL teams and the Polish U-20 National Team were also played.

In 2021-2022 Opole HK will face off against teams from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Germany and Latvia. There is simply no better opportunity to gain international exposure to scouts at every level.

“Our program is designed to develop players in a very hockey intensive environment.” Said Head Coach Brad Zangs “We are on the ice every day, and most players are in the gym twice a day. High protein diets are designed to pack on muscle during the season. You simply can’t get this kind of programing in North America outside of only the best programs.”

Opole HK summer improvements are also taking place.

“We are renovating the dedicated team dressing room. We will bring it up to an NCAA standard in design and amenities.” Said Opole HK Owner and General Manager Joseph Kolodziej “Our club is the gold standard for development in Central Europe, and every year we will get better at providing the tools and comforts that will allow players to perform at their best. There are no shortcuts to success, and that begins with providing as many tools possible for players to achieve their goals as a team and individuals.”

New televisions, updated player stalls, breakfast area, and new furniture in the player lounge are just a few of the updates taking place this summer.

Opole HK after completing its first season will see two players move on to NCAA hockey and at least three receive Professional hockey playing opportunities in Europe.

Opole HK is looking for one goaltender, as well as a few more high performing defense and forwards to join a core of returning players.

For more information on how you can take advantage of these opportunities contact Opole HK Head Coach Brad Zangs bradzangs@gmail.com

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