Openings In Europe For American And Canadian Players

I have several openings in Europe at the Junior and Professional levels for the 2021-2022 season.

Last season I placed 34 players in Junior or Professional organizations in 5 different countries. This during the COVID pandemic. All players competed at a high level and had full seasons with very limited interruptions.

Did you know that playing in Europe as a Junior player makes you a more attractive recruit to NCAA programs?

Did you know that playing in Europe as a junior creates a European scouting profile for you after you graduate from college so that it is easier to pursue professional hockey after graduation?

Did you know that European Universities are less expensive to attend than North American Universities, and there is University hockey?

Did you know that some European Universities teach all of their classes in English?

Did you know that if you have grandparents, or even great grandparents who were from Europe, it is possible to get dual citizenship? Dual citizenship allows you to be eligible for National Teams and Olympic teams.

IF you keep doing everything you have always done, and you expect to get different results, you need to re-examine your plan.

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Joseph Kolodziej

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