Introduction of over-80s hockey has further bolstered Masters scene

Brian Woolcott was “running like a greyhound” in the final of the European Championships over-75s in 2019. England were finishing the better side, a late goal seeing the sides locked at 2-2 with a Grand Masters shoot-out in the offing. But then something gave way in Woolcott’s foot.

Some time later, the octogenarian was awaiting an ambulance having ruptured a tendon and being forced to miss the medal presentation. “They handed the medal to me afterwards and then shoved me off to A&E. It was a hell of a day,” laughs Woolcott.

“They bandaged me up at hospital and sent me away. The next day we were due home and I was being driven, luckily. The next morning I woke up with toothache and a face like a balloon and an abscess on my jaw. I had to go to an emergency dentist with my leg still up in the air as well.”

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