Injured Welten: ‘Almost certainly no European Championship’

For Lidewij Welten, the brand new twentieth national title of Den Bosch has become one with a black edge. The 30-year-old attacker has an apparently serious hamstring injury from the exciting second final match with Amsterdam (1-0 win) . ‘The European Championship can almost certainly make a line,’ are her words to the NOS. 

Welten turned on the right in midfield in the 67th minute for an individual action, but was the victim of a collision with Floor de Haan. ‘I got a pounding from behind which left me unbalanced. As a result, my left leg shot through. I immediately felt it: hamstring ‘, Welten said afterwards in front of Ziggo ‘s camera 

Welten stumbled to the side and knew immediately that it was wrong. In front of the Bossche dug-out she first threw her stick on the ground and then lying down her glove and mouthguard. She was furious. On the offense while in full sprint. And the undoubtedly unpleasant consequences.

Injured Welten: 'Almost certainly no European Championship'
The fatal moment for Welten: she passed away after the violation of Floor de Haan. Photo: Willem Vernes

Welten: ‘Unfortunate that this happens in the last minutes of the game. Immediately after the violation, I couldn’t even put my left leg down. I was first thinking about how I could get to the side at all. It felt like everything was gone . After that, the whole summer immediately went through your head with Orange. ‘

The Orange Ladies will start at the European Championship in Amstelveen in less than three weeks and will travel to Tokyo for the Olympic Games at the end of July. ‘A line can almost certainly be achieved by the European Championship. I think that is too soon. Making it to the Olympic Games will be difficult, ‘says Welten.

Mixed feelings

In the final seconds of the match against Amsterdam, a Welten fighting against her tears was tossed back and forth between pain and joy. ‘I was able to gather together to see Matla’s corner go in nicely. All I could do was spray with my water bottle. Unfortunately I could not run to the girls, but it is nice that we still take the title. But this is very unpleasant for me. ‘

‘I think this is the same injury as my previous hamstring injury , but now on my left leg. That will be tough in the coming weeks. I can do that. I remain optimistic, but I have to see what the damage is first. Unfortunately, I cannot look into it now. ‘

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Welten fights a duel with Amsterdam captain Lauren Stam. Photo: Willem Vernes

Minor to new record

The brand new national title of Den Bosch will forever stick with two stories for Welten. In addition to the gloomy story of the hamstring injury that comes at a very unwanted time in the season, there is an unabated success story. The 30-year-old attacker is already the national champion for the twelfth time in her career. There is no hockey player in the Netherlands who has become champion at the highest level more often.

It is doubtful whether Welten is currently in the mood to enjoy the following factual observation: with her twelfth national title, she has equaled the Dutch record of former teammate Maartje Goderie. The Brabant two-time Olympic champion, now living in Australia, ended her sports career seven years ago and won her twelve national championships with Den Bosch between 1994 and 2014.

23 club awards

Goderie has to share another impressive record with Welten from now on. That of the most successful Dutch hockey player in a club context. In addition to her twelve national titles, the former Orange international won the European Cup eleven times with Den Bosch.

Goderie’s enviable collection of 23 field hockey club awards was unique until this weekend. Now Welten also has 23, thanks to the eleven European club prizes she won with Den Bosch between 2006 and 2021. That number could rise even further, as Welten will soon announce her contract extension at Den Bosch.

Welten prijzenkast scaled

Perfect meme

If we also add the harvest to medals with the Oranje Dames, Welten Goderie is already over. The dribble queen has been on the highest podium with the Dutch national team twelve times since 2008, bringing her total top prizes to 35. Goderie took nine main prizes as an Orange-international, bringing her to 32. Between Welten and Goderie is only the name of Maartje Paumen, who is 33 with 21 club prizes and twelve titles with Orange.

So now there is no one on earth with a hockey stick who has a fuller trophy cabinet than Lidewij Welten. It could be a viral meme on social media:

‘Welten and trophies. Name a more iconic duo in hockey. We’ll wait. ‘ 

Welten will not care much at this point. The pain of a possible long-term injury will suppress the feeling of pride after another main prize for a while.

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